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My corner of insanity

Rabid fangirl's rabid ramblings

25 September 1986
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Sex: Female
Age: 26
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Chinese Horoscope: Tiger

So, a little bit of more about me? I am a shipper, I love fanfiction, I get obsessed with new things every couple of months but still stay faithful to older ones (the result is that my head is stuffed to the rim with lots of things and I am slowly but surely going crazy, not that I was that sane to begin with) and I am more stubborn than a mule.

One of my peculiar character traits is that once my mind is set on something, it's impossible to convince me otherwise. This shows very prominently in my favourite couples selection. Once I have two people as a couple, I simply can't accept them in a relationship with anyone else. I don't go around bashing alternate pairings but I avoid them like a plague. And nothing anyone says can convince me otherwise. I am willing to go against cannon if I have to (as proved by latest HP - I'm still HHr shipper, don't care if he was with Ginny in the book) and I am able to ignore it.

Oh, yes. I am very much interested in LARPs, I used to help my brothers and their friends organize the biggest LARP in Slovakia and most of my friends were from that community. Nowadays, though, I have moved to organizing the conventions. I'm the head of the manga section in two of the biggest ones in our country. I am also metal addict, I can stand rock but hip-hop, rap or pop make me violently ill (literally).

In the end the way to redemption
was just a daydream, naive mirage.
And for the blind the trail of razors
where every step brings pain and anger.

Dreamtale, Lucid Times



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