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Hockey Championship

I admit right now I'm not much of a sports fan. But I have a healthy sense of patriotism and I always cheer on our national team in a championship of any kind, especially in hockey.

This year, the World Hockey Championship is taking place in my country, Slovakia. Even though we are pretty small, our team has always been a decent one. We have already won the World Champion title once, in 2002 in Sweden (which is great, considering we have been in the A-level category for less than five years at the time), we were fourth in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver last year, participating in semifinals several times... All in all, we were considered one of those seven countries who are the top of the hockey world - Canada, USA, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In our base group this year, we got Slovenia, Germany and Russia. Let me tell you, not the worst of setups. Russia was considered the greatest threat, being the former champion. Slovenia and Germany? Pfft... not even worth mentioning... and then...

Germany kicked Russia's ass thoroughly and we had a lot of trouble to win with Slovenia. And then our guys went and lost to Germany last night. Like WHAT THE HELL? Two of the prime candidates, completely obliterated by some team that has just recently come in?

I'm mostly pissed off with our guys... We have a great team, full of experienced players, veterans of many other championships... we are on a home turf... so why did it happen?

Ughhh... I can't believe it... I really wonder how our match with Russia will go...